Premier League

England - Season 2019/2020


Season Winner Runner Up Season Review
2019/2020 N/A N/A N/A
2018/2019 Man City Liverpool Premier League 2018-19: Manchester City celebrate famous domestic treble
2017/2018 Man City Man Utd Premier League 2017-18: Record-breaking Manchester City give Guardiola first English title
2016/2017 Chelsea Tottenham Premier League 2016-17: Antonio Conte’s Chelsea reclaim their English Premier League crown
2015/2016 Leicester City Arsenal Premier League 2015-16: 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City achieve the impossible
2014/2015 Chelsea Man City Premier League 2014-15: Mourinho masterminds Chelsea’s return to the top of English football
2013/2014 Man City Liverpool Premier League 2013-14: Manchester City snatch victory as Liverpool ponder what might have been
2012/2013 Man Utd Man City Premier League 2012-13: Sir Alex Ferguson retires with championship success
2011/2012 Man City Man Utd Premier League 2011-12: Aguero wins it in the last minute for Manchester City
2010/2011 Man Utd Chelsea N/A
2009/2010 Chelsea Man Utd Premier League 2009-10: Chelsea end United’s monopoly
2008/2009 Man Utd Liverpool Premier League 2008-09: Three titles in a row for Manchester United
2007/2008 Man Utd Chelsea Premier League 2007-08: Manchester United hold off Chelsea in a race down to the wire
2006/2007 Man Utd Chelsea Premier League 2006-07: Marvellous Manchester United win first title in four years
2005/2006 Chelsea Man Utd Premier League 2005-06: Mourinho's Chelsea claim back-to-back crowns
2004/2005 Chelsea Arsenal Premier League 2004-05: Jose Mourinho arrives in English football
2003/2004 Arsenal Chelsea Premier League 2003-04: Arsenal Invincibles crowned champions
2002/2003 Man Utd Arsenal Premier League 2002-03: Manchester United wrestle title back from Arsenal
2001/2002 Arsenal Liverpool Premier League 2001-02: Arsenal end Manchester United’s superiority with thrilling title win
2000/2001 Man Utd Arsenal Premier League 2000-01: Relentless Manchester United collect third-straight title
1999/2000 Man Utd Arsenal Premier League 1999-00: Manchester United retain title in display of ruthless efficiency
1998/1999 Man Utd Arsenal Premier League 1998-99: Manchester United edge out Arsenal in final day drama
1997/1998 Arsenal Man Utd Premier League 1997-98: Arsene Wenger’s brilliant Arsenal hunt down Manchester United
1996/1997 Man Utd Newcastle Premier League 1996-97: Manchester United’s young superstars retain title
1995/1996 Man Utd Newcastle Premier League 1995-96: Newcastle squander massive lead as Manchester United prevail
1994/1995 Blackburn Man Utd Premier League 1994-95: Brilliant Blackburn leave Manchester United having to settle for second
1993/1994 Man Utd Blackburn Premier League 1993-94: Manchester United too good once again as Premiership struggles to keep pace
1992/1993 Man Utd Aston Villa Premier League 1992-93: Manchester United end 26 years of hurt to clinch inaugural Premier League title
1991/1992 Leeds Utd Man Utd N/A
1990/1991 Arsenal Liverpool N/A
1989/1990 Liverpool Aston Villa N/A
1988/1989 Arsenal Liverpool N/A
1987/1988 Liverpool Man Utd N/A
1986/1987 Everton Liverpool N/A
1985/1986 Liverpool Everton N/A
1984/1985 Everton Liverpool N/A
1983/1984 Liverpool Southampton N/A
1982/1983 Liverpool Watford N/A
1981/1982 Liverpool Ipswich Town N/A
1980/1981 Aston Villa Ipswich Town N/A
1979/1980 Liverpool Man Utd N/A
1978/1979 Liverpool Notts Forest N/A
1977/1978 Notts Forest Liverpool N/A
1976/1977 Liverpool Man City N/A
1975/1976 Liverpool QPR N/A
1974/1975 Derby County Liverpool N/A
1973/1974 Leeds Utd Liverpool N/A
1972/1973 Liverpool Arsenal N/A
1971/1972 Derby County Leeds Utd N/A
1970/1971 Arsenal Leeds Utd N/A
1969/1970 Everton Leeds Utd N/A
1968/1969 Leeds Utd Liverpool N/A
1967/1968 Man City Man Utd N/A
1966/1967 Man Utd Notts Forest N/A
1965/1966 Liverpool Leeds Utd N/A
1964/1965 Man Utd Leeds Utd N/A
1963/1964 Liverpool Man Utd N/A
1962/1963 Everton Tottenham N/A
1961/1962 Ipswich Town Burnley N/A
1960/1961 Tottenham Sheffield Wed N/A
1959/1960 Burnley Wolves N/A
1958/1959 Wolves Man Utd N/A
1957/1958 Wolves Preston NE N/A
1956/1957 Man Utd Tottenham N/A
1955/1956 Man Utd Blackpool N/A
1954/1955 Chelsea Wolves N/A
1953/1954 Wolves West Brom N/A
1952/1953 Arsenal Preston NE N/A
1951/1952 Man Utd Tottenham N/A
1950/1951 Tottenham Man Utd N/A
1949/1950 Portsmouth Wolves N/A
1948/1949 Portsmouth Man Utd N/A
1947/1948 Arsenal Man Utd N/A
1946/1947 Liverpool Man Utd N/A
1938/1939 Everton Wolves N/A
1937/1938 Arsenal Wolves N/A
1936/1937 Man City Charlton N/A
1935/1936 Sunderland Derby County N/A
1934/1935 Arsenal Sunderland N/A
1933/1934 Arsenal Huddersfield N/A
1932/1933 Arsenal Aston Villa N/A
1931/1932 Everton Arsenal N/A
1930/1931 Arsenal Aston Villa N/A
1929/1930 Sheffield Wed Derby County N/A
1928/1929 Sheffield Wed Leicester City N/A
1927/1928 Everton Huddersfield N/A
1926/1927 Newcastle Huddersfield N/A
1925/1926 Huddersfield Arsenal N/A
1924/1925 Huddersfield West Brom N/A
1923/1924 Huddersfield Cardiff N/A
1922/1923 Liverpool Sunderland N/A
1921/1922 Liverpool Tottenham N/A
1920/1921 Burnley Man City N/A
1919/1920 West Brom Burnley N/A
1914/1915 Everton Oldham Athl N/A
1913/1914 Blackburn Aston Villa N/A
1912/1913 Sunderland Aston Villa N/A
1911/1912 Blackburn Everton N/A
1910/1911 Man Utd Aston Villa N/A
1909/1910 Aston Villa Liverpool N/A
1908/1909 Newcastle Everton N/A
1907/1908 Man Utd Aston Villa N/A
1906/1907 Newcastle Bristol City N/A
1905/1906 Liverpool Preston NE N/A
1904/1905 Newcastle Everton N/A
1903/1904 Sheffield Wed Man City N/A
1902/1903 Sheffield Wed Aston Villa N/A
1901/1902 Sunderland Everton N/A
1900/1901 Liverpool Sunderland N/A
1899/1900 Aston Villa Sheffield Utd N/A
1898/1899 Aston Villa Liverpool N/A
1897/1898 Sheffield Utd Sunderland N/A
1896/1897 Aston Villa Sheffield Utd N/A
1895/1896 Aston Villa Derby County N/A
1894/1895 Sunderland Everton N/A
1893/1894 Aston Villa Sunderland N/A
1892/1893 Sunderland Preston NE N/A
1891/1892 Sunderland Preston NE N/A
1890/1891 Everton Preston NE N/A
1889/1890 Preston NE Everton N/A
1888/1889 Preston NE Aston Villa N/A

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