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Nuno: If football stops, it will result in a European Super League

The Wolves manager believes the Premier League and other leagues need to continue to ensure the future of smaller clubs

5:15pm on Monday 11th January 2021
Martin Macdonald

Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo fears that, if football is postponed again due to the current pandemic, then the result will be a European Super League which will leave smaller teams behind.

Every club around Europe is currently facing tougher times financially due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen stadiums remain unfilled by fans for nearly a year, drastically reducing matchday revenue.

Many of the teams are relying heavily on broadcasting money just to remain afloat, and that income could be taken away if leagues are forced to stop again by the government.

Throughout this tough period, rumours of a European Super League have remained consistent, with FIFA wanting to create a club tournament to replace the current UEFA Champions League as the main footballing spectacle in the world.

The competition would be invite-only, with the likes of Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man City, PSG, Bayern and Juventus among the participants due to their reputations.

Nuno believes that those who want such a competition will get their wish if football stops again.

“If we stop everything will change,” Nuno said.

“A new football will come, probably with a Super League, probably with other competitions. It’ll be a matter of which clubs will survive. It’s a tough decision to make.

“I don’t know what is better. What I’m afraid of is, if the decision is to stop, football we know now will not be the same. This is my biggest fear. The schedule will go crazy and it’ll be impossible to finish the league and think about the Euros.

“We cannot move forward and go back to a normal situation. The virus and pandemic is affecting things a lot, the increase of cases is growing in a scary way. This is what my main concern is.

"If you have a crisis the strong will survive – what about the rest? My personal view, when I have an awareness of what’s going around, you will not find the same model we have now.”

The two clubs reportedly spearheading the creation of a super league are Man Utd and Liverpool.

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