Germany - Season 2019/2020


Season Winner Runner Up Season Review
2019/2020 Bayern Dortmund N/A
2018/2019 Bayern Dortmund Twists and turns but Bayern win again - Bundesliga in 2018/19
2017/2018 Bayern Schalke Heynckes returns to save Bayern - the Bundesliga in 2017-18
2016/2017 Bayern RB Leipzig Bayern Munich win fifth successive German title - Bundesliga in 2016-17
2015/2016 Bayern Dortmund Dortmund challenge not enough to unseat Bayern Munich - the Bundesliga in 2015/16
2014/2015 Bayern Wolfsburg Bayern Munich win 25th title - the Bundesliga in 2014-15
2013/2014 Bayern Dortmund Guardiola gets off to perfect start at Bayern Munich - Bundesliga in 2013-14
2012/2013 Bayern Dortmund Bayern Munich set new championship points record - Bundesliga in 2012/13
2011/2012 Dortmund Bayern Dortmund successfully defend title with record points haul - Bundesliga in 2011/12
2010/2011 Dortmund Leverkusen When Klopp's young guns stopped Bayern in their tracks - Bundesliga in 2010/11
2009/2010 Bayern Schalke Van Gaal guides Bayern Munich back to the top - the 2009/10 Bundesliga
2008/2009 Wolfsburg Bayern Wolfsburg become first-time German champions - the 2008/09 Bundesliga
2007/2008 Bayern W. Bremen Brilliant Bayern win with best-ever defensive record - Bundesliga in 2007/08
2006/2007 Stuttgart Schalke Young Stuttgart shock German elite - Bundesliga in 2006/07
2005/2006 Bayern W. Bremen When Klose fired Bayern to yet another Bundesliga crown - the Bundesliga in 2005/06
2004/2005 Bayern Schalke Magath completes debut double with Bayern Munich - the Bundesliga in 2004-05
2003/2004 W. Bremen Bayern Werder Bremen’s 23-game run secures Bundesliga title - the Bundesliga 2003-04:
2002/2003 Bayern Stuttgart Bayern reclaim title after poaching Michael Ballack - the Bundesliga in 2002-03
2001/2002 Dortmund Leverkusen When dominant Dortmund put Bayern in their place - Bundesliga in 2001/02
2000/2001 Bayern Schalke N/A
1999/2000 Bayern Leverkusen When Leverkusen blew it on the final day to let Bayern win again - Bundesliga in 1999/00
1998/1999 Bayern Leverkusen Bayern win domestically after European heartache - the 1998/99 Bundesliga
1997/1998 Kaiserslautern Bayern When Kaiserslautern stunned German football - the Bundesliga in 1997/98
1996/1997 Bayern Leverkusen N/A
1995/1996 Dortmund Bayern N/A
1994/1995 Dortmund W. Bremen N/A
1993/1994 Bayern Kaiserslautern N/A
1992/1993 W. Bremen Bayern N/A
1991/1992 Stuttgart Dortmund N/A
1990/1991 Kaiserslautern Bayern N/A
1989/1990 Bayern 1. FC Köln N/A
1988/1989 Bayern 1. FC Köln N/A
1987/1988 W. Bremen Bayern N/A
1986/1987 Bayern HSV N/A
1985/1986 Bayern W. Bremen N/A
1984/1985 Bayern W. Bremen N/A
1983/1984 Stuttgart HSV N/A
1982/1983 HSV W. Bremen N/A
1981/1982 HSV 1. FC Köln N/A
1980/1981 Bayern HSV N/A
1979/1980 Bayern HSV N/A
1978/1979 HSV Stuttgart N/A
1977/1978 1. FC Köln M'gladbach N/A
1976/1977 M'gladbach Schalke N/A
1975/1976 M'gladbach HSV N/A
1974/1975 M'gladbach Hertha BSC N/A
1973/1974 Bayern M'gladbach N/A
1972/1973 Bayern 1. FC Köln N/A
1971/1972 Bayern Schalke N/A
1970/1971 M'gladbach Bayern N/A
1969/1970 M'gladbach Bayern N/A
1968/1969 Bayern Aachen N/A
1967/1968 Nürnberg W. Bremen N/A
1966/1967 Braunschweig 1860 München N/A
1965/1966 1860 München Dortmund N/A
1964/1965 W. Bremen 1. FC Köln N/A
1963/1964 1. FC Köln Duisburg N/A

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