Serie A

Italy - Season 2023/2024


Season Winner Runner Up Season Review
2023/2024 N/A N/A N/A
2022/2023 Napoli Lazio N/A
2021/2022 Milan Inter N/A
2020/2021 Inter Milan N/A
2019/2020 Juventus Inter N/A
2018/2019 Juventus Napoli Challengers powerless as Juventus make it eight in a row - Serie A in 2018/19
2017/2018 Juventus Napoli Seventh heaven for Juventus - Serie A in 2017-18
2016/2017 Juventus Roma An unprecedented six in a row for Juventus - Serie A in 2016-17
2015/2016 Juventus Napoli Another double for unstoppable Juventus - Serie A in 2015/16
2014/2015 Juventus Roma Juventus remain unstoppable under Allegri - Serie A in 2014-15
2013/2014 Juventus Roma Three in a row for record-breaking Juventus - Serie A in 2013-14
2012/2013 Juventus Napoli Conte’s Juventus retain title with ease ahead of Napoli - Serie A in 2012/13
2011/2012 Juventus Milan Conte returns to make Juventus unbeatable - Serie A in 2011/12
2010/2011 Milan Inter When Zlatan and Milan ended Inter's stranglehold - Serie A in 2010/11
2009/2010 Inter Roma Mourinho leads Inter to historic treble - Serie A in 2009/10
2008/2009 Inter Juventus Mourinho maintains Inter’s Scudetto stranglehold - Serie A in 2008/09
2007/2008 Inter Roma Inter retain title in season marked by tragedy - Serie A in 2007-08
2006/2007 Inter Roma Inter take advantage of Calciopoli to storm to Serie A title - Serie A in 2006/07
2005/2006 Inter Roma When Italian football was blown apart by Calciopoli - Serie A in 2005/06
2004/2005 N/A N/A Capello carries Juve back to the summit of Italian football - Serie A 2004-05
2003/2004 Milan Roma Kaka conquers Milan & Italian football - Serie A 2003-04
2002/2003 Juventus Inter Pavel Nedved earns the Ballon d'Or after guiding Juve to the title - Serie A in 2002-03
2001/2002 Juventus Roma When Inter collapsed on the final day to hand the title to Juventus - Serie A in 2001/02
2000/2001 Roma Juventus When Batistuta came to Rome - Serie A in 2000/01
1999/2000 Lazio Juventus When Lazio had Veron, Nedved, Boksic, Nesta, Simeone, Salas and Mancini and finally won - Serie A in 1999/00
1998/1999 Milan Lazio When AC Milan regained their Italian superiority as Lazio falter - Serie A in 1998/99
1997/1998 Juventus Inter When the Ronaldo non-penalty caused a national scandal - Serie A in 1997/98
1996/1997 Juventus Parma N/A
1995/1996 Milan Juventus N/A
1994/1995 Juventus Lazio N/A
1993/1994 Milan Juventus N/A
1992/1993 Milan Inter N/A
1991/1992 Milan Juventus N/A
1990/1991 Sampdoria Milan N/A
1989/1990 Napoli Milan N/A
1988/1989 Inter Napoli N/A
1987/1988 Milan Napoli N/A
1986/1987 Napoli Juventus N/A
1985/1986 Juventus Roma N/A
1984/1985 Verona Torino N/A
1983/1984 Juventus Roma N/A
1982/1983 Roma Juventus N/A
1981/1982 Juventus Fiorentina N/A
1980/1981 Juventus Roma N/A
1979/1980 Inter Juventus N/A
1978/1979 Milan Perugia N/A
1977/1978 Juventus Vicenza N/A
1976/1977 Juventus Torino N/A
1975/1976 Torino Juventus N/A
1974/1975 Juventus Napoli N/A
1973/1974 Lazio Juventus N/A
1972/1973 Juventus Milan N/A
1971/1972 Juventus Milan N/A
1970/1971 Inter Milan N/A
1969/1970 Cagliari Inter N/A
1968/1969 Fiorentina Cagliari N/A
1967/1968 Milan Napoli N/A
1966/1967 Juventus Inter N/A
1965/1966 Inter Bologna N/A
1964/1965 Inter Milan N/A
1963/1964 Bologna Inter N/A
1962/1963 Inter Juventus N/A
1961/1962 Milan Inter N/A
1960/1961 Juventus Milan N/A
1959/1960 Juventus Fiorentina N/A
1958/1959 Milan Fiorentina N/A
1957/1958 Juventus Fiorentina N/A
1956/1957 Milan Fiorentina N/A
1955/1956 Fiorentina Milan N/A
1954/1955 Milan Udinese N/A
1953/1954 Inter Juventus N/A
1952/1953 Inter Juventus N/A
1951/1952 Juventus Milan N/A
1950/1951 Milan Inter N/A
1949/1950 Juventus Milan N/A
1948/1949 Torino Inter N/A
1947/1948 Torino Juventus N/A
1946/1947 Torino Juventus N/A
1942/1943 Torino Livorno N/A
1941/1942 Roma Torino N/A
1940/1941 Bologna Inter N/A
1939/1940 Inter Bologna N/A
1938/1939 Bologna Torino N/A
1937/1938 Inter Juventus N/A
1936/1937 Bologna Lazio N/A
1935/1936 Bologna Roma N/A
1934/1935 Juventus Inter N/A
1933/1934 Juventus Inter N/A
1932/1933 Juventus Inter N/A
1931/1932 Juventus Bologna N/A
1930/1931 Juventus Roma N/A
1929/1930 Inter Genoa N/A

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