'Footballers have a breaking point' - how the calendar is impacting player welfare

Injury experts Zone7 believe the irregular scheduling is simply asking for increased injury risk

10:00am on Wednesday 29th January 2020
Paul Macdonald • PAULMACDFC

Footballer overload is, finally, becoming a mainstream concern.

The long-term, high-profile injuries sustained by Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane over the Christmas period has intensified calls for a rethink on how the festive fixture schedule is devised.

84 separate injuries were logged in the month of December by Premier Injuries Limited, almost double what was recorded in August and by far the biggest month for lost minutes of the season so far. Players are running further, sprinting more, and generally put their bodies through a more intense match regime than ever. But not only are the demands placed on players not being addressed, they are likely to push players even closer to their physical limits.

From December 1 until February 1, Manchester United will play 19 matches. The strain has already taken its toll on Marcus Rashford, who was revealed to have been playing with a stress fracture in his back and will now miss months of the season.

Harry Kane suffered a serious hamstring injury against Southampton and is a doubt for the European Championship, while Liverpool trio Fabinho, Naby Keita and and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have all suffered individual injuries across the month. Calum Chambers of Arsenal and Aston Villa's Wesley also sustained season-ending cruciate ligament injuries that won't seem them play again until next season.

Klopp has been critical of Premier League scheduling

From a club perspective there is lost man hours, lost revenue and gross inefficiency. But from a player welfare perspective, it's becoming serious. FC reported last month on how FifPro's report, entitled 'At the Limit' proposed a number of sweeping reforms to ease the strain on professional players.

Zone7 are an organisation who aim to help clubs manage player training workloads by using AI to recognise when their bodies are at injury risk and provide recommendations on how to amend player programs on an individual basis.

Preventing injuries before they happen is football's next data evolutionRead More

Speaking to FootballCritic, CTO Eyal Eliakim discussed the frantic fixture list in the UK, and stated that any time that a club's specific schedule developed with a player is interrupted, injuries can, and will, happen.

Eliakim said: "Players have a breaking point. If a player plays too many games, they will break. From our experience a period like that [Christmas in the Premier League] does translate to increased injury risk. 

"It's not just the games, but the fluctuation of the playing schedule itself. If they are used to playing every six days and there is a specific period of the season where they play every three days, then that's bad.

"It works the other way too, if you have three international breaks in September, October and November and you don't allow teams to settle into a steady playing routine, then they won't be ready for games and they will get injured a lot - and injuries are high in October and November.

"Injuries in general have been going up and I can say that every time you break a teams playing routine whether that's by overload of matches or by breaking the schedule, injury risk will go up."

Football, in general has a decision to make. Eliakim and his team can offer sophisticated advice to their clients to attempt to avoid injury wherever possible. But really, how much we are asking of professional footballers has to be the next point of debate.


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