Mathieu Flamini dismisses Arsenal takeover rumours

The Frenchman's role in founding a biochemical company had led to rumours that he is readying a takeover of his former club.

10:45am on Tuesday 17th November 2020
David Lynch

Mathieu Flamini has shot down suggestions that he would consider launching a takeover of former club Arsenal.

The Frenchman, who made 246 appearances for the Gunners across two stints in north London, was recently forced to deny reports that his personal net worth is in excess of €30bn.

Those rumours owed much to his role as co-founder of GF Biochemicals, the first company capable of mass producing levulinic acid - an organic compound that could have major implications in the race to develop sustainable fuels sources.

But, when asked by The Athletic whether his involvement in that industry could help fund a takeover of Arsenal, Flamini replied: “No!

“Don’t ask me how I’ll be involved in football, because it’s not something I’ve thought about. But, definitely, it’s something which I’ve been part of forever in my life. I will always want to be part of this community.”


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Although he has been without a club since leaving Getafe in the summer of 2019, Flamini is yet to officially hang up his boots.

On that topic, he added: “I haven’t announced my retirement yet.

“I still feel good and healthy! When you take care of your health, when you eat healthy, when you drink water, when you sleep well, I will say you age better. I’m feeling very good and I haven’t decided to continue or to stop, that’s the first aspect.

“The second aspect is obviously I’ve been in the industry of football forever, that’s the industry I know the most. So, obviously, I will always want to be close to that industry and to stay involved.”

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