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Look at Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea – Mourinho defends Kane over claims he bought penalty

The Tottenham boss says that it is wrong to level accusations of gamesmanship at his captain and says there are others who

4:24pm on Wednesday 4th November 2020
Robin Bairner

Harry Kane is not guilty of buying penalties, according to Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho, who says that the antics of rival clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool should be scrutinised instead.

Kane came under fire on Sunday for the manner in which he was awarded a spot kick in a Premier League clash with Brighton.

He was criticised for buying the foul by backing into Albion's Adam Lallana, but Mourinho claims such suggestions are off the mark.

“The media are confused because you could be speaking about some Manchester United players, you could be speaking about some Man City players, you could be speaking about some Liverpool players, you could be speaking about some Chelsea players and you're speaking about Harry Kane?” he told a press conference.

“He was in a position to control the ball in a dangerous position and Adam Lallana came in with a very reckless action and committed a foul.

"What are you speaking about being clever or being not clever? ... It was a foul."Jose Mourinho

“What are you speaking about being clever or being not clever? Being clever is to hold the ball and shoot and score. It was a foul.

“He didn't win any penalty, he didn't. Lallana made a penalty. He didn't win anything. For me, it's clear.

“The only doubt in that situation is the doubt the VAR decided, which was it a penalty or was it a free-kick? Was it outside the box or on the line? If it's on the line then it's considered a penalty.

“I was probably 70 metres away and immediately I said: 'Penalty or free-kick?' I think the images are very obvious in relation to that. Then outside or inside, one inch inside or outside. That's only for the VAR to decide.

“But Harry Kane won a penalty? Probably you're speaking about players in other clubs who love to do it and they do it so, so well. But for sure you're not talking about Harry Kane.”

Spurs play Ludogorets in the Europa League on Thursday.

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