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Barcelona Wax Museum unveil Lionel Messi replica that looks nothing like him

The Barcelona Wax Museum unveiled a new replica of Lionel Messi to celebrate the players success. Unfortunately it looks nothing like him.

10:31pm on Thursday 3rd December 2020
Stefan Bienkowski

Do you ever look at something and think there’s something that’s just not right about it?

Even the most forgiving Barcelona fan must have raised an eyebrow when the Barcelona Wax Museum unveiled their latest wax figure of Lionel Messi only to find that it didn’t look like him at all.

Posing in Messi’s traditional goal celebration with both hands raised to the sky and pointing his fingers upwards, the figure definitely struck the right impression but the face looked more like team mate Sergi Roberto or Spanish international Javi Martinez.

When the figure was announced on Twitter, Barcelona fans quickly established that it looked nothing like their beloved No.10 but helpfully offered some suggestions for whom it may be.

American actor Sam Rockwell was one suggestion. Juventus forward Alvaro Morata was another. One fan even suggested it may be Wales international Aaron Ramsey posing for the team he had always wanted to join.

Whoever it may actually be, one thing is almost certainly true: the sculptor that put it together probably isn't a big football fan.

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